Onsite Eye Exams & Eyewear For Your ENTIRE School In ONE DAY!
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What is Glasses2Classes™?

Glasses2Classes™ is a program by The Nation’s leading onsite mobile eye care & eyewear provider, Optical Academy®, who brings onsite mobile vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear directly to students at their school. 1 in 4 students cannot see what they are being taught and 25% of all students struggle with vision problems that are significant enough to negatively impact their performance in school. If a child can't see,they can't learn and we are on a mission to help all students to learn to their best abilities, starting with their vision.

Did you know 70% of children who fail a vision screening never see an Eye Doctor for corrective eyewear? Our Glasses2Classes™ program aims to bridge that gap as we directly provide children with an eye exam & glasses right in the comfort of their school!

School Site Set Up

Optical Academy® Vision Team unloads a Full Optical directly inside your school's Gym, Auditorium, Cafeteria, or designated space.

An entire school building of students receive vision care in one day!

Onsite Vision Screenings & Mobile Eye Exams

All students will receive a color vision test and vision screening. Every student who fails the vision screening will automatically receive an eye exam by our mobile optometrist. Once our onsite eye doctor confirms the prescription, the students can choose their eyewear.

Prescription Eyewear

Students can choose from over 500+ frame styles from our vast onsite selection. All
Eyewear will be pre-fit on students while onsite. Eyewear that is not dispensed the same day, will be shipped directly to the school.

Onsite Mobile Vision Lab Option

The Optical Academy Mobile Vision Lab will be parked outside of the School site to process students' eyewear. It is equipped with Polycarbonate Impact Resistant lenses with RX range up to ±6 sphere and ±3 cylinder. Prescriptions exceeding this range will be shipped to the school within 2 weeks.


How to Inquire for a Glasses2Classes™ Event

Over 2 MILLION Students seen!

    -Terrance L.

    “The friendly and professional staff of Optical Academy came to our school and did a wonderful job. Our school which is located in the Bronx serves students with autism spectrum disorders and other learning disabilities. The Optical Academy's expert staff were undaunted and treated each student with a great deal of compassion, patience, and knowledgeable care. The overall experience was very positive and professional and our students appreciated it very much. I would highly recommend The Optical Academy for all schools."

      -Hannah A.

      “Robert, Cristal, and Lorenzo were a big help! They came to my school and were able to get me my new glasses I loved. I would definitely recommend them if you need to check out your eyes or get a new prescription!”

        -Jessica Kopp

        “I wanted to write a note of appreciation to Optical Academy. We received our glasses today and it truly was a great experience. Your team members work hard to service all of our students and provide them with eye exams and free glasses where necessary. Please extend our deepest gratitude to your team members who made this possible."

          - Natasha Allicock

          "Thank you so much for sending such an awesome team! Robert and the staff were such a pleasure to work with. The team members working with all of our teachers, students, and staff were kind, efficient, and flexible. Everyone was very approachable and Dr. Vitto made it a quick process for all of our participants. The excitement from the students seeing all the glasses available was heartwarming and so adorable when they realized they didn't need glasses! This was a wonderful experience and I would love to have a larger event in the future to include our other campuses and the community."

            -Robin Joachim

            “I would like to extent my gratitude to you and your team on such an amazing job yesterday with my students. Everything transitioned smoothly and very efficient. Your staff were very professional and patient with both me and my students. A few of my students needed assistance with translation and they stepped right in to assure that the child received the necessary support.”

              -Nicole Allmond

              Just wanted you to know that the event went smoothly today. The staff were set up and ready to go when I arrived. We went over paperwork as we waited for the doctor to arrive.Your staff ensured the children felt comfortable and at ease during the process. The changing of sites went flawless and we were able to see all the children that signed up and were in attendance today at both sites. You have a great group of guys working for you, we appreciate them and the services Optical Academy provides for our children. We look forward to working with you in the future.

                -Elisha Boyd Principal

                “Thank you so much for your presence at PS/MS 31 today. We benefited from your organized set up to your professional interactions. The students are forever grateful and we look forward to our continued partnership."

                  -Marcia Mayne

                  “Vision Screening was successful in a timely manner. Professionalism and excellent service were exhibited.”

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