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Who We Are

Optical Academy® is the Nation’s Leading & Most trusted Onsite Mobile Eye Care & Eyewear Provider. Our mobile vision team is made up of onsite mobile technicians, optometrists, & opticians. We travel directly to schools bringing onsite eye exams, mobile eye tests, and eyewear to students where they are most comfortable.

Our Mission

Optical Academy® is on a mission to deliver the most easily accessible eye care and eyewear to students countrywide, helping all to see a beautiful day everyday, through our onsite mobile vision services. We believe each and every child deserves the equal opportunity to learn and excel academically. Too many students struggle with vision impairments that are undiagnosed and untreated, ultimately affecting their ability to learn. We ensure all children who fail a vision screening see an onsite eye doctor and receive the corrective eyewear they need right then and there at their school! We are guiding millions of children to a brighter future and helping them to achieve their goals by providing them with the most vital resource they need to learn: their vision. We will never stop delivering the most convenient and essential vision care to students at their school until all are able to learn to their best abilities and obtain the education they deserve.

Special Needs Division

Optical Academy® has been servicing students onsite for over 13 years. To date, have served over 2 million students nationwide. Our onsite journey began in New York City’s District 75 where we served thousands of Special Needs children. Our Mobile Vision Team are experts in handling every student’s circumstances. We are equipped with special equipment and use special care to accommodate each and every one of their individual vision needs. Wherever they are comfortable is where we are. With Optical Academy, no student is ever left behind!

The Digital Era

The Digital Era

The rise of the digital world has exponentially led to vision problems, especially in children.
Increased screen time on laptops and tablets have affected children's visual developments. Today, over 60% of the population require vision correction to see clearly.

The Problem

The Problem

Over 70% of students who fail their vision screening at school never get follow-up care with an eye care professional.
Visual difficulties are struggles that are not transparent and because of this working parents wait longer to prioritize eye care for their children.
The longer we wait to correct a child's vision, the more permanent damage we cause.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our goal is to provide every child with their first eye exam and eyeglasses in the comfort of their own school If a child cannot see, they cannot learn.
We aim to advocate for every student's academic, social, & future success by giving access to their fundamental tool: their vision.

Academy  Success

Academy Success

80% of what children learn in school is presented visually.
Our pilots have proven that a student’s visual abilities are directly correlated to academic success in the classroom.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Most working parents can’t afford to take off for non-emergency appointments which is why so many student’s never get seen.
By bringing eyecare to school, you can be a major helping hand to both students & their families

Helping All Students To See A Beautiful Day, Everyday!

Our Team

Dr. Vitto Mena

Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC# 27OA00657300
NY LIC#TUV008546-1

Abby Ayoub

Licensed Optician

NY LIC#007472
NJ LIC#31TD00330100

Dr. Denise Currier

Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC#27OA00668000

Dr. Jubin Bharat Shah

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC# T009520

Dr. Melissa Ochlan

Licensed Optometric Physician

NJ LIC#27OA00660600
NY LIC#TUV008349-1

Raymond Joseph Castro

Licensed Optician

FL LIC#D04855

Dr. Kathleen Gross

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC#008812

Dr. Kevin A. Patrizio

Licensed Optometric Physician

NY LIC#TUV009404-01

Dr. Christine Irene Frantzis

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV008472-01

Dr. Melissa Levine

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV009377

Dr. Maciel Cruz

Licensed Optometric Physician

NY LIC #TUV009105

Dr. Divya Nandwani

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV007863-01

Dr. Pooja Berdia

Licensed Optometrist

NY LIC #TUV008790-01

Dr. Richard Duong

Licensed Optometric Physician

NY LIC #TUV009477-01

Dr. Clayton Boyd

Licensed Optometrist

AZ  -  LIC #OPT-002398

CO - LIC #OPT.0003434


GA - LIC #OPT003189

IA -  LIC #97858

ID -  LIC #ODP-100484

IL  -  LIC #46011336

MA  -  LIC #OPT5386

MD -  LIC #TA2661

MI -  LIC #4901005172

MN -  LIC #3597

NJ -  LIC #27OA00694000

NY -  LIC #TUV008727

OH -  LIC #OPT.006814

OK -  LIC #2836

OR -  LIC #4392ATI

PA -  LIC #OEG003384

TX -  LIC #9791T

WA -  LIC #OD61046450

WI -  LIC #3527-35

    -Terrance L.

    “The friendly and professional staff of Optical Academy came to our school and did a wonderful job. Our school which is located in the Bronx serves students with autism spectrum disorders and other learning disabilities. The Optical Academy's expert staff were undaunted and treated each student with a great deal of compassion, patience, and knowledgeable care. The overall experience was very positive and professional and our students appreciated it very much. I would highly recommend The Optical Academy for all schools."

      -Hannah A.

      “Robert, Cristal, and Lorenzo were a big help! They came to my school and were able to get me my new glasses I loved. I would definitely recommend them if you need to check out your eyes or get a new prescription!”

        -Jessica Kopp

        “I wanted to write a note of appreciation to Optical Academy. We received our glasses today and it truly was a great experience. Your team members work hard to service all of our students and provide them with eye exams and free glasses where necessary. Please extend our deepest gratitude to your team members who made this possible."

          - Natasha Allicock

          "Thank you so much for sending such an awesome team! Robert and the staff were such a pleasure to work with. The team members working with all of our teachers, students, and staff were kind, efficient, and flexible. Everyone was very approachable and Dr. Vitto made it a quick process for all of our participants. The excitement from the students seeing all the glasses available was heartwarming and so adorable when they realized they didn't need glasses! This was a wonderful experience and I would love to have a larger event in the future to include our other campuses and the community."

            -Robin Joachim

            “I would like to extent my gratitude to you and your team on such an amazing job yesterday with my students. Everything transitioned smoothly and very efficient. Your staff were very professional and patient with both me and my students. A few of my students needed assistance with translation and they stepped right in to assure that the child received the necessary support.”

              -Nicole Allmond

              Just wanted you to know that the event went smoothly today. The staff were set up and ready to go when I arrived. We went over paperwork as we waited for the doctor to arrive.Your staff ensured the children felt comfortable and at ease during the process. The changing of sites went flawless and we were able to see all the children that signed up and were in attendance today at both sites. You have a great group of guys working for you, we appreciate them and the services Optical Academy provides for our children. We look forward to working with you in the future.

                -Elisha Boyd Principal

                “Thank you so much for your presence at PS/MS 31 today. We benefited from your organized set up to your professional interactions. The students are forever grateful and we look forward to our continued partnership."

                  -Marcia Mayne

                  “Vision Screening was successful in a timely manner. Professionalism and excellent service were exhibited.”

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